Kiss the Cook Restaurant & Antiques – Glendale, AZ

Born from the Hagadorn family’s love of great food and Grandma’s recipes, Kiss the Cook Restaurant & Antiques opened its doors in 1982 and has become one of Glendale’s most beloved breakfast and lunchtime destinations. With a fresh and ever-evolving menu crafted from the finest ingredients from local farmer’s markets, and a quirky, mismatched décor collected in part during the Trade a Plate for Pancakes Week, Kiss the Cook is sure to become one of your new West Valley favorites.

“Everyone said we were crazy, but we have survived 30 years without a deep fryer in our kitchen,” Roger Hagadorn says. “When we opened Kiss the Cook, we guessed there were enough people who appreciate good food without all the excess breading and fat.” Boy, did they guess right. Not only has the restaurant survived, it has attracted a loyal and passionate following. One regular customer even made Kiss the Cook’s pancakes famous after nominating them for a feature in Bon Appetit magazine.

It takes a special restaurant to ignite such enthusiasm in its customers, and Kiss the Cook does that the moment patrons walk through the front door. From the mismatched furniture and china to the walls covered with antiques and crafts handpicked by owner Nancy and her mother Carol, Kiss the Cook gives more of a meal-at-Grandma’s-house than a dinner-at-a-restaurant kind of vibe. And with a menu full of recipes crafted by Roger Jr. from his grandmother’s old recipes, a meal as good as Grandma used to make is exactly what you’re going to get.

Some of the most popular menu items include the create-your-own-omelet, made to order from your choice of ingredients and served hot and perfectly fluffy. Customers also rave about the Eggs Benedict served with a generous helping of freshly made home fries, and the delectable Pecan Roll so big it barely fits on the plate.

Kiss the Cook rotates items on the menu such as the Special Omelets and different versions of the made-from-scratch Chicken Salad depending on the season and the variety of fresh ingredients available. And toast? Who needs toast? At Kiss the Cook, they nixed the toast in favor of delicious mini muffins freshly baked by Nancy each day and delivered to your table in a heaping basket.

“Our philosophy here is to take care of people because we love people,” Nancy explains. “If people come in here and don’t have a smile on their faces, it’s our job to put one there. We know our customers–their names, their orders, their favorites, where they like to sit. We even have a call list of people that we call when we make certain items and add them to the menu, and the customers love it.”

Kiss the Cook does catering, both off-site or in the restaurant, letting customers arrange furniture and decorate the restaurant to their liking for after-hour events. They also open their doors for dinner just twice a year. Once, for a special reservation-only Valentine’s Day Dinner that will be celebrating its 20th consecutive sell-out year in 2012. The second, for a special breakfast-for-dinner collaboration with Hickman’s Family Farms called PJ’s and Eggs, where employees and customers are encouraged to wear pajamas to the event and to donate one new pair of pajamas to benefit Arizona’s Children Association Foster Care Programs.

Stop by today to sample the menu or buy any of the antiques or handmade crafts and you certainly won’t be disappointed, because every dish at Kiss the Cook is served with a “kiss” and a whole lot of love. For more information, contact Kiss the Cook Restaurant & Antiques, 4915 W. Glendale Ave., Glendale, 623.939.4663,

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2 Responses to “Kiss the Cook Restaurant & Antiques – Glendale, AZ”
  1. When I lived in Phoenix, I ate at Kiss the Cook on an almost weekly basis and I always ordered their Chicken Salad on Croissant. Fifteen years later, I still haven’t found a chicken salad than can rival theirs.

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